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Braiding Sweetgrass

Braiding Sweetgrass Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants pdf free download. Hold out your hands and let me lay upon them a sheaf of freshly picked sweetgrass, loose and flowing, like newly washed hair. Golden green and glossy above, the stems are banded with purple and white where they meet the ground. Hold the bundle up to your nose. Find the fragrance of honeyed vanilla over the scent of river water and black earth and you understand its scientific name: Hierochloe odorata, meaning the fragrant, holy grass.

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Diane S
One of my goals this year was to read more non-fiction, a goal I believe I accomplished. Never thought I would rate my last three non-fiction reads 5 stars. This was a wonderful, wonderful book. It teaches the reader so many things about plants and nature in general. Different animals and how the indigenous people learned from watching them and plants, the trees. tis is how they learned to survive, when they had little.

Wendy Feltham
It's difficult to rate this book, because it so frequently veered from two to five stars for me. Five stars for the beauty of some of Robin Wall Kimmerer's writing in many essays/chapters. Five stars for introducing me to Sweetgrass, its many Native American traditions, and her message of caring for and showing gratitude for the Earth. Five stars for the author's honest telling of her growth as a learner and a professor, and the impressions she must have made on college students unaccustomed to observing or interacting with nature. But just two stars for the repetitive themes, the disorganization of the book as a whole, the need for editing and shortening in many places. I wish Robin Wall Kimmerer had written three short books instead of one long book. I would have liked to read just about Sweetgrass and the customs surrounding it, to read just about her journey as a Native American scientist and professor, or to read just about her experiences as a mother. The various themes didn't braid together as well as Sweetgrass itself does. I read this book in a book club, and one of the others brought some braided Sweetgrass to our meeting. I felt euphoric inhaling the intense fragrance, and truly understood why the author would name a book after this plant.

4.5 stars, rounded down This book is definitely out of my normal wheelhouse. But thanks to the recommendation of my granddaughter, I made sure to listen to it. The word braiding in the title is so apt. Braiding involves melding different strands to make one. Here, it’s the merger of science, art, linguistics, memoir and religion to show a different way of seeing the world. If science is an either/or train of thought, an observer vs. the observed, then Klimmmerer wants us to see an all encompassing vision. If the meaning of the book could be distilled down to a single word, it would be reciprocity. This is a great look at the Indian, specifically the Potawatomi, philosophy. My favorite part was the chapter on linguistics and how the difference in seeing the world plays out in language. I also found her modern interpretation of the Wendigo interesting as our greed is the true evil spirit. My only sorrow was listening to this rather than reading it. Numerous times, I found myself thinking, “if I were reading this, I’d be highlighting this passage”.

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