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Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, published on September 8, 1998, is a bestselling seminal work and motivational business fable by Spencer Johnson. The text describes the way one reacts to major change in one's work and life, and four typical reactions to those changes by two mice and two "Littlepeople," during their hunt for "cheese." A New York Times business bestseller upon release, Who Moved My Cheese? remained on the list for almost five years and spent over 200 weeks on Publishers Weekly's hardcover nonfiction list. As of 2018, it has sold almost 30 million copies worldwide in 37 languages and remains one of the best-selling business books.

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You can read this book in about 45 minutes, but it will feel like a week. I think that I would have enjoyed the Spanish version better. I don't speak Spanish.
I don't know whether the authors of this book have an employer, but if they do, I would recommend a "random" drug test.

It requires a unique sort of demonic skill to take the utterly obvious, lather it with sentimentality, turn it into an animal story, give it a big font and wide margins so that what really ought to be a pamphlet handed out for free on subways becomes instead a "book," and then expect businesspeople to buy it.

For years I have managed to avoid reading the popular book Who Moved My Cheese? However, it was recently recommended to me because I mentioned that I'm not especially enthusiastic about change.
I wish I could un-read this book. I thought it was overly simplistic and rather insulting to any intelligent person. This book contains such clever little proverbs as "He was happy when he wasn't being run by his fears" (in other words, just stop being afraid, and you'll be happy). Ok, good, I'll try that if my car breaks down on a dark deserted highway, or next time my father complains of chest pains. Sometimes you're not supposed to be happy. Sometimes you're supposed to stay alert and guarded, and be ready for action.
The question I wish the author had addressed (instead of coming up with platitudes in praise of change) is this: What is the balance between working to improve what you have (repairing) vs. looking for something new (replacing)?
Adaptation and flexibility are all well and good, but sometimes life is a little too complicated to be resolved just by embracing change. After all, as authors Kathleen and William Lundin said in one of their books "Adapting to a wild leader is like being the fox in a blood-sport hunt. You may be quick, clever, and nimble, but you'll still be killed at the end of the game."

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