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About Us
Thanks you interest in our project - where we take an effort to share precious knowledge saved by great minds of all nations and times.
We aim to provide you with hundreds of thousands of e-books for studying, working and self-development for your convenience.

We allow you to download high-quality PDF files of e-books that are no longer under copyright protection and are free for usage and share. We're constantly developing our project and do our best to help you learn and move though successful life, full of rich knowledge. Our convenient platform makes the process of reading more pleasant and enjoyable.

The project was created by John Williams, who had a dream to be able to read and conveniently share with friends his findings from the school library. He was so encouraged to provide people with the information they need to grow, learn, and explore experience of generations through. Currently, is a platform where everyone can read and download eBooks of different kinds. Educational materials, drama, adventures, and classical masterpieces of world-famous authors are available for you. It is a great chance to learn English and discover famous literature books in the original language.

Our team hopes that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Your feedback is important for us, it helps to improve our project and show you the best result.

John Williams ([email protected])