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The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life Book PDF
This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work. While some publishers have opted to apply OCR (optical character recognition) technology to the process, we believe this leads to sub-optimal results (frequent typographical errors,...

The Frontier in American History Book PDF
  • 2007, Frederick Jackson Turner
"The Significance of the Frontier in American History" is a seminal essay by the American historian Frederick Jackson Turner which advanced the Frontier Thesis of American history. It was presented to a special meeting of the American Historical Association at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois in 1893, and published later that...

The United States Constitution Book PDF
  • 1975, United States
The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. It superseded the Articles of Confederation, the nation's first constitution. Originally comprising seven articles, it delineates the national frame of government. Its first three articles embody the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal...

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America Book PDF
☮ The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America by Thomas Jefferson ☮ Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell, a plantation on a large tract of land near present-day Charlottesville, Virginia. His father, Peter Jefferson (1707/08-57), was a successful planter and surveyor and his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson...

Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Complete Book PDF
  • 2004, Ulysses S. Grant
In the battle of Chattanooga, troops from the Army of the Potomac, from the Army of the Tennessee, and from the Army of the Cumberland participated. In fact, the accidents growing out of the heavy rains and the sudden rise in the Tennessee River so mingled the troops that the organizations were not kept together, under their respective commanders,...

The Eve of the Revolution; A Chronicle of the Breach with England Book PDF
Most of Great Britain, made up by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, was conquered by Rome, which ruled the island for almost 500 years. Subjected to raids by Continental Angles, Jutes and Saxons, in 1066 England was conquered by the Normans, who were eventually assimilated. While Wales came under Anglo-Norman control in 1282, it...

Essays of Michel de Montaigne — Complete Book PDF
  • 2004, Michel de Montaigne
Michel de Montaigne was one of the most influential figures of the Renaissance, singlehandedly responsible for popularising the essay as a literary form. In 1572, Montaigne retired to his estates in order to devote himself to leisure, reading and reflection. There he wrote his constantly expanding 'essays', inspired by the ideas he found in books...

The Book of the Ancient Greeks Book PDF
  • 1931, Dorothy Mills
The Book of the Ancient Greeks is an introduction to the history and civilization of Greece from the coming of the Greeks to the conquest of Corinth by Rome in 146 BC. Dorothy Mills had an uncanny and unique ability to write history that is interesting and at the same time based on sound scholarship. Her direct, engaging approach is valued...

The Casement Report Book PDF
  • 1904, Roger Casement
The Casement Report was a 1904 document written by Roger Casement (1864–1916)—a diplomat and Irish independence fighter—detailing abuses in the Congo Free State which was under the private ownership of King Leopold II of Belgium. This report was instrumental in Leopold finally relinquishing his private holdings in Africa. Leopold had ownership of...

Thoughts Upon Slavery Book PDF
  • 1792, John Wesley
BY slavery I mean domestic slavery, or that of a servant to a master. A late ingenious writer well observes, "The variety of forms in which slavery appears, makes it almost impossible to convey a just notion of it, by way of definition. There are however certain properties which have accompanied slavery in most places, whereby it is easily...

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