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"The Best We Could Do" is a graphic novel by Thi Bui that tells the story of her family's journey from war-torn Vietnam to the United States. Through a series of flashbacks and reflections, the author shares her family's experiences of loss, displacement, and the challenges of starting over in a new country. The graphic novel is a personal and emotional account of one family's migration, capturing the complex intergenerational effects of war and resettlement. The illustrations are powerful and evocative, visually expressing the depth of the author's feelings and experiences. Through the story of her family, Bui highlights the universal themes of family, identity, and the search for home. "The Best We Could Do" is a poignant and deeply moving tribute to the sacrifices made by immigrant families and a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in the experiences of immigrants and refugees and the ongoing struggles they face in creating new lives and finding a sense of belonging in a foreign land.

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Book Reviews

Ryan Perez

This book is a moving and powerful portrayal of one family's journey from their homeland to a new life in America. The author's illustrations are stunning, and the story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Megan Flores

I was completely drawn into this book from the very first page. The author does an amazing job of bringing their family's story to life and capturing the struggles and triumphs of immigrants everywhere. Whether you're a fan of graphic novels or just looking for a good read, this book is a must-have.

William Gonzalez

This beautifully illustrated book tells a story that is both personal and universal. The author's honest and poignant depictions of their family's experiences are sure to resonate with readers and provide a powerful commentary on the immigrant experience. This book is a true work of art.

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