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Is it possible to consider yourself a truly educated person without reading "War and Peace"? - I think the answer to this question is obvious. Leo Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace is considered to be the pearl of world literature. Critics of the whole world recognize “War and Peace” as a model of a new European novel, although it is not so full. From a technical point of view, it is possible to call this work absolutely perfect - descriptions of the epic events of the war with Napoleon of 1812, and at the same time the delicate characters of all strata of Russian society of that time. It can be said that this is a grandiose in its scope a collective psychological portrait of the Russian people, depicted as one of the most brilliant writers of all time. And this portrait is filled with such a penetrating and deep love that it is impossible not to be proud, We are Russians, this novel is about us and for us, and how fortunate that we can read this great work in our own language.

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