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The novel from the author of A SCENT OF LAVENDER and ONE SUMMER AT DEER'S LEAP follows the secrets and passions of the Sutton family as Britain tries to find its way following the end of World War 2. The war is over, but the battle for happiness has just begun … After six long years the Second World War is finally finished. Rationing may remain, but hopes and dreams are in good supply.

At Rowangarth, deep in the Yorkshire countryside, there is more good news for the Sutton family and wedding preparations are underway. Lyndis Carmichael has finally won the heart of Drew Sutton, the man she has secretly cherished for years. Still, Lyndis has doubts. Haunted by the memory of Drew's fiancée Kitty – killed during the Blitz – she wonders if she can ever take her place in Drew's heart, and if she truly belongs in the close-knit Sutton clan.

And other ghosts still linger. Keth Purvis, back from France after a high-risk mission, is compelled to return overseas to search for the young girl who saved his life, Drew's mother has yet to reveal the shocking truth of his father's identity, and Tatiana wonders if she will ever meet her long-lost half-sister.

With the country struggling to get back on its feet, can the Sutton family make peace with its past?

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Book Reviews

Arlo Page

"Slaughterhouse-Five is a trippy, mind-bending read that will leave you questioning the meaning of life, time, and war. Kurt Vonnegut's unique writing style blends humor and tragedy to create a hauntingly beautiful tale that will stick with you long after you've finished the book. A must-read for anyone looking to broaden their horizons."

Zara Tate

"Oh boy, where do I even begin with Slaughterhouse-Five? This book is a wild ride that takes you through time, space, and reality in a way that will make your head spin. Vonnegut's darkly comedic approach to the horrors of war is both heartbreaking and hilarious, and his characters are endearingly flawed. This is a book that will challenge your perceptions and leave you reeling."

Nell Cross

"If you're looking for a book that will challenge your beliefs and push the boundaries of what you consider to be possible, then look no further than Slaughterhouse-Five. Vonnegut's writing is both whimsical and profound, and the story is a gut-punch of emotion that will leave you feeling grateful for the simple things in life. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought-provoking, deeply moving read."

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