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Elevator Systems of the Eiffel Tower BOOK PDF FREE

Elevator Systems of the Eiffel Tower

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  • Year: 1889
  • Category: History
  • Author: Robert M. Vogel
  • Language: English
Robert M. Vogel is Associate Professor in the Department of Education at La Salle University. He received an Ed.D. degree in psychoeducational processes from Temple University. A former special education teacher at the secondary level, much of his early work was in the area of experiential education and its effects on learning. More recently, he has written, received, and directed several major grants that focus on active learning.

His latest grant, funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation, was a four-year initiative that studied, designed, and implemented flexible scheduling models and staff development programs for Jewish Day Schools. It has revitalized teaching and learning in these schools around the country. He has consulted widely in school districts. His special interests are in cooperative learning, instructional methods, classroom management, teacher education, and block scheduling.

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