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The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America
☮ The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America by Thomas Jefferson ☮ Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell, a plantation on a large tract of land near present-day Charlottesville, Virginia. His father, Peter Jefferson (1707/08-57), was a successful planter and surveyor and his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson...

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The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
"The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini" is a fascinating and captivating account of the life of the famous Renaissance artist and goldsmith, Benvenuto Cellini. The book offers an in-depth look into the life and times of this remarkable man, who was known for his artistic genius and his fiery, larger-than-life personality. Cellini's life was full...

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Concerning the Spiritual in Art
  • Arts, 1977, Wassily Kandinsky
A pioneering work in the movement to free art from its traditional bonds to material reality, this book is one of the most important documents in the history of modern art. Written by the famous nonobjective painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866–1944), it explains Kandinsky's own theory of painting and crystallizes the ideas that were influencing many...

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Encyclopedia of Needlework
  • Arts, 2013, Thérèse de Dillmont
This vintage book contains a complete handbook on macramé, with historical information, step-by-step directions, explanations of terms, tips for avoiding common mistakes, and much more. "Encyclopedia of Needlework" is highly recommended for both novice and seasoned needlework enthusiasts and would make for a useful addition to collections of...

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Japanese Fairy Tales
  • Classic, 2016, Yei Theodora Ozaki
Yei Theodora Ozaki was an early 20th-century translator of Japanese short stories and fairy tales. Her translations were fairly liberal but have been popular, and were reprinted several times after her death.According to “A Biographical Sketch” by Mrs. Hugh Fraser, included in the introductory material to Warriors of old Japan, and other stories,...

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Deadfalls and Snares
Scattered from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean are thousands of trappers who use deadfalls, snares and other home-made traps, but within this vast territory there are many thousand who know little or nothing of them. The best and most successful trappers are those of extended experience. Building...

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The Song of the Lark
  • Fiction, 2008, Willa Sibert Cather
"The Song of the Lark" is a beautiful and inspiring novel that tells the story of a young woman named Thea Kronborg and her journey to becoming a renowned opera singer. Thea grows up in a small town in Colorado, surrounded by the vast and magnificent beauty of the American West. She is a talented musician, with a natural gift for singing that sets...

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Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded
I have great trouble, and some comfort, to acquaint you with. The trouble is, that my good lady died of the illness I mentioned to you, and left us all much grieved for the loss of her; for she was a dear good lady, and kind to all us her servants. Much I feared, that as I was taken by her ladyship to wait upon her person, I should be quite...

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Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Complete
In the battle of Chattanooga, troops from the Army of the Potomac, from the Army of the Tennessee, and from the Army of the Cumberland participated. In fact, the accidents growing out of the heavy rains and the sudden rise in the Tennessee River so mingled the troops that the organizations were not kept together, under their respective commanders,...

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England, My England
England, My England" is a poignant and thought-provoking collection of short stories that offer a unique perspective on England and its people. Each story is set in a different time and place, and each one provides a glimpse into the lives, hopes, and fears of the people who call England home. The stories in this collection are diverse in subject...

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