At the earth's core
  • Fiction, 1913, Edgar Rice Burroughs
The amazing adventures of two Americans in the underworld, in which they accidentally fell on a mechanical underground scout....

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A Princess of Mars
  • Fiction, 1993, Edgar Rice Burroughs
Interplanetary dangers and incredible adventures on the red planet await you on the pages of the famous trilogy of science fiction novels by Edgar Rais Burroughs! Burroughs is considered to be the founder of modern science fiction. His novels about John Carter, which saw the light in the 1920s, instantly gained immense popularity and paved the way...

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The gods of Mars
  • Fiction, 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs
10 years pass before John Carter is again on Mars. He is waiting for meetings with old friends, captivity, battles and a meeting with his beloved Daya Toris ......

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