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The Antichrist
  • Classic, 1895, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
The book is built as a protest of the philosophy against the inappropriately declared Christian church, the principles and real practical Christian church in the stories, as well as the inconsistency of reality. The text of the Antichrist actively criticizes the apostle Paul, who, according to Nietzsche, revealed God and gave in the Gospel "the...

Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None
  • Science, 1999, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
The book for all and for no one is the philosophical novel of Friedrich Nietzsche, which began to be published in 1883. Initially the book consisted of three separate parts. Nietzsche intended to write three more parts, but he finished only one - the fourth. After the death of Nietzsche, all four parts were published in one volume....